'Driver report' window

The Driver Report shows important information about the installed packet driver services. At least one installed and running driver is required for PACE-Design.

The Npcap driver is preferred.

For further information see Network adapters are not displayed in PACE-Design.

If both drivers are not running, restart PACE-Design with administrative rights or reboot the computer. If PACE-Design was started with administrative rights, the <admin> tag will be displayed next to the user name in the Driver Report and PACE-Design will try to start the drivers, if none of them is running.

'Driver report' window with Npcap stopped

PACE-Design can detect, if the Npcap driver was not uninstalled properly. This can occur, due to a bug in the uninstaller of the service, which can lead to an installation problem of the WinPcap driver service.

'Driver report' window with Npcap failure

In this case, remove the Npcap service completely by opening a command prompt with administrative rights and enter “sc delete npcap”. After this command the service should be completely removed from the system.