The power consumption can be reduced by taking appropriate measures. A distinction is made between how a digital audio matrix is supplied with power.

In mains supply mode, the energy saving measures are deactivated by default.

If the mains supply is missing and the system runs on battery the energy saving measures apply.

Some station types do not allow to change the Energy Saving settings.

'Energy saving' tab

Amplifier Standby

activate the amplifiers only during priority calls and line detection measurements

LineDetection Cycle

reduce the number of line detection measurement cycles

Switch to PriorityOnly

PC1001 and PC1002 only, switch all speaker lines to the internal priority only amplifier and deactivate all other amplifiers.

DIM Lightning

decrease the brightness of displays and LEDs where possible

Optimize Relay Positions

PC2003 only, reroute not active speaker lines in the relay matrix and reduce the power consumption by switching off as many relays as possible.