After ‘PACE-Design is started, no deeper analysis of the stations are performed, and all found station are selected automatically.


Suppress all less important error messages, don´t show

  1. errors returned by commands
  2. ModuleErrors (Module alerts)
  3. PACE-Design Health Engine pop-ups


Disables the internal Plausibility Checker system completely.


  • Prevent the automatic logoff of a user and the (except the critical case were the application is forced to shut down)
  • Prevent enabling of energy saving modes. (suspend, hibernate etc.)

NOTE: This feature is only supported on PCs with O/S <= WindowsXP or Windows Server 2003.


Update the DSP firmware of modules with same software version and same build number (as in menu “Extras” > ”Station” > ”DSP FW: Update same versions”)


Enable DSP Firmware downgrades


PACE-Design restores the previous Window parameters on starting, but prevents the app from being hidden. Use this switch to minimize PACE-Design on start, useful if PACE-Design is only used as an API interface.


Don´t display the Splash screen at startup.


stay offline at startup.


This prepares PACE-Design as primary API usage: Trend shows 'API Transfer' speed and switches to the API tab, write API-relevant data on shutdown.