• The 'priority call' function of a PT2001 'Desk call stat. (19 buttons)' or a virtual call station is specified with zone selection buttons.
  • Every zone selection button contains a list of addressed analog audio outputs, which will trigger the 'priority call' when activated.
  • The 'Zone Select Table' page displays the specified addressed outputs of a single zone selection button or all defined output zones.
'Zone Select Table' page

If you make changes on the 'Zone Select Table' page during an active call, you must first cancel the selection/specification of the zone selection button concerned, then reselect it to enable the list in the station.

  • Deselecting the 'Enable' checkbox cancels the entire selection assigned for the listed station.
  • If disabled, a call will not address the selected station.
  • Double-click on the empty space beneath the columns 1…16 to add additional lines to a button.

Adding zones

◈ Add additional zones via the context menu (right-click in the window).

You can select the following options:

  • 'Add Zone > Speaker Lines > 'Digital audio matrix (4/4/16)' > Line 1…16'
  • 'Add Zone > Zones > Audio Output'
  • 'Add Zone > Stations > Station ID > Audio Output'

The context menu contains further options and functions, including the 'Verify Zone Select Table' function.