This configuration window is available for all hardware platforms that have the hardware option to monitor speaker lines. It is intended to configure the connected amplifiers and speaker lines.

A signal flow diagram is displayed in the upper part of the window, which is generated based on the current configuration.

'Amplifier and Speaker lines’ configuration

Overview area (A)

A click on a symbol or speaker line will open the appropriate configuration tab.

Speaker lines supervision setup area (B)

Setup the speaker line supervision and perform measurements.

'DSPSupervision' tab (C)

Configure the speaker line supervision, amplifier and backup control.

'Speakerlines' tab (D)

Configure the speaker lines, output matrix and the individual speaker line supervision. Display measured speaker line supervision values.

'Pilot Control' area (E)

Configure the pilot ton setup.

'Line Detection' area (F)

Configure the speaker line setup.

'Amplifer' area (G)

Define the used amplifiers and check the power of the amplifier with the configured rated power of the amplifiers. Set the Pilot gains and tolerance values.

'Backup control' area (H)

Configure the backup setup.