A voice alarm is like a regular announcement but marked as 'Alarm' message.

A voice alarm can be activated by:

  • "Start voice alarm" button at PT2005, PT2010, PT1001 or PT1002
  • Zone button at call stations
  • Logic control inputs

There are multiple ways to configure an announcement as an alarm call:


  • green, On: station is online (network connected)
  • green, Off: offline – no network
  • green, flashing: unicall pending via API
  • yellow, On: system errors – configurable with Fault Relay mode in Error Logging (see 'Error Logging, EN 54-16 & RSL'.)

Only according to "Nederland's Norm (NEN)" standard (via OEM setting)


  • green, On: operating in Non-Alarm mode (PT2001 or keypads on virtual stations)
  • red, On: signals that the station is an alarm call station (Station Priority > 7)