PCIO200x and PCO200x are extension modules to extend the amount of logic control inputs and outputs or relay outputs of the digital audio matrix it's connected to.

The IDs of the PCIO200x and PCO200x must be in a fixed range: the 1st extension module must be set to ID =10, the 2nd to ID =11, and so on. Up to 4 extension modules can be used on one digital audio matrix with maximum 64 logic control inputs and 64 logic control outputs.

An example configuration is displayed in below:

PCIO200x, PCO200x configuration

'Common Configuration' box

Set the 'Common Configuration' according to 'Common Configuration'.

No configuration is required for PCIO200x or PCO200x.

'Device Configuration' box

Configure the selected 'PACE-Bus' component in this box.

'Device N, ID= '

In the drop-down menu, select the PCIO200x and PCO200x to configure.

'Device Name'

Free text for system overview. Insert a 'Device Name', name of the connected component.


The PCIO200x or PCO200x must be accepted for the configuration.

'Logic inputs' and 'Logic outputs'

A click on the button jumps to the selected configuration page.

At the configuration page, the logic control inputs and outputs of the extension modules are displayed after the regular inputs or outputs (usually 8). The inputs or outputs of the extension module with the lowest ID starts with 9.