• Connect the extension card 'Output module (relay, 8)' PCO2002 via the 'PACE-Bus' RS485 plug-in terminal connector.
  • The configured ID of the PCO2002 is listed as 'I/O Id=xx' in the 'PACE-Bus' module drop-down list on the 'PACE-Bus' tab of the 'Peripherals and Logging' page.
  • By default the ID =10 and the ID can be configured from 10 to 13.


  1. Open the 'Basic Station Configuration' menu.
  1. Under 'Station Features', check whether the flag 'ExtUART' is enabled.
  1. Open 'Peripherals and Logging'.
  1. Select the 'PACE-Bus Protocol' for the protocol.
  1. Set the baud rate to 19200.
  • The digital audio matrix displays 16 additional entries on the 'Logic Output Configuration' tab.