PT2010 'System operating unit (19")', PT1001 'System operating unit' and PT1002 'System operating unit and call station' are Voice Alert and Control Panels.

The PT2010, PT1001 and PT1002 expand also the amount of logic control inputs and logic control outputs of the station it's connected to. An example configuration is displayed in below:

PT2010, PT1001, PT1002 - configuration

'Common Configuration' box

Set the 'Common Configuration' according to 'Common Configuration'.

No configuration is required for PT2010, PT1001 and PT1002.

'Device Configuration' box

Configure the selected 'PACE-Bus' component in this box.

'Device N, ID= '

In the drop-down menu, select the PT2010, PT1001 and PT1002 to configure.

The PT1001 and PT1002 are displayed as PT2010 too.

'Device Name'

Free text for system overview. Insert a 'Device Name', name of the connected component.


The PT2010, PT1001 and PT1002 must be accepted for the configuration.

'Logic inputs' and 'Logic outputs'

A click on the button jumps to the selected configuration page.

At the configuration page, the logic control inputs and outputs of the PT2010, PT1001 or PT1002 are displayed after the regular inputs or outputs (usually 8).

The example configuration of PT2010. The logic control inputs and outputs are fixed in this order:

PT2010 - logic control input configuration
PT2010 - logic control output configuration