Responsibility of the system owner

The information technology (IT) used in a system is the responsibility of the system owner.

National standards, regulations and legislation

Specifications for IT security are also put into effect through country-specific legislation. You must observe the country-specific legislation when planning and commissioning.

Siemens products are developed and produced in compliance with the relevant European and international safety standards. Should additional country-specific or local security standards or legislation concerning IT security apply at the place of operation, you must apply these in addition to the guidelines and the permitted applications in this document.

The 'Federal Office for Information Security' (BSI) provides information on basic IT security for Germany in both German and English, for example.

Siemens Network Security Guidelines

The Siemens network security guidelines in this document provide the system owner with additional specifications – alongside basic IT protection– for operating a corresponding system. These additional specifications are valid at the time of publication.

Modified Security Risks in the Life Cycle of the System

Additional security risks

  1. You must log compliance with the specifications in chapter 'Maintenance of IT components'