• Click on the icon to load a saved snapshot.

The following dialog opens:

On the top left side, in the “Snapshot Info” box, you see general information about the saved snapshot. Move the mouse over some labels to view additional information. Below this, the “Available data” box indicates which data was saved. Note that all available data will be loaded on loading the snapshot. A System Overview screenshot (and eventually another screenshot) completes this dialog.

You can rename and/or delete a single snapshot via a right click in the snapshot combo box.

Select a snapshot from the list of saved snapshots and click “Open” to load it.

In order to view the configuration data of the protected system, you need a password and a loaded protocol driver bound to a local network adapter.

'PACE-Design' can be opened from the snapshot itself. Loading snapshot this way is also faster. 'PACE-Design' loads snapshots directly without scanning for stations online.


  1. In windows explorer, navigate to the snapshot folder, right click on the snapshot file *.ssi and select 'Open with'.
  1. Select the latest 'PACE-Design' installation. (Usually located in 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Siemens\PACE-Net\')

Use it

  • Double click on the *.ssi file to open the 'PACE-Design' and the snapshot.