Use this checklist to ensure the audio file will work:

  1. Audio files are stored in the following SD card directory tree:
  • '<flashdisk:>\PACE-Net\Wave\SSounds'
  • The audio format is 16 bit/48 kHz/mono.
  • The audio file is not compressed and is in 'Raw PCM' format.
  • Check the compression level.
    • Open the file properties > 'File Information' tab > 'Bitrate' field.
    • The value must be 768 kbit/s.
  • Normalize the amplitude to -12 dB 'full scale'.
  • Special 'chunks' in the '*.wav' file are not allowed and the 'DATA_CHUNK' must be in the first 512-byte block in the '*.wav' file.
  • The file name is numbered '001.wav'…'255.wav'.
    • Software for editing audio files may insert a 4 kB 'PAD chunk' or other 'chunks' into the file before the 'DATA_CHUNK'.
    • This is not supported by the stations, but 'PACE-Design' converts or removes such chunks.
    • 'RIFF INFO chunks' are fully supported by 'PACE-Design' for the purpose of storing project-dependent metadata in the '*.wav' audio file of the stations.
    • You will find information on writing files to the microSD card with 'PACE-Design' in chapter 'Manage SD cards'.
    • You will find information on supported metadata in chapter 'Injected Sound'.