1. Read chapter System Protection.
  1. Check that all stations are in the same system.
  1. Check the 'System Name' entry in the 'Basic Station Configuration' dialog.

Go to the 'System Overview' tab, press the <Ctrl> key and move the mouse over the stations in the drawing area to show stations sharing the same system name. See 'System Overview'.

  1. Then select 'Extras' > 'System Protection' > 'Protect unprotected System' > 'Protect <my system name>'.
  1. The dialog window for entering a 'SYSTEM' password appears.
  1. Enter a password with at least twelve characters and confirm with 'OK'.
  1. The 'Protection' window opens.
  1. Configure the following settings:
  • ACL Access Control List
  • Users and their permissions
  • Change password
  1. Change the passwords for the 'Administrator' and 'Everyone' accounts also.