EN 54-16, chapter 7.6.2

'It shall be possible to manually silence the voice alarm message from the  VACIE at access level 2. In this case, following manual silencing, it shall be possible to reactivate the voice alarm message at access level 2.'

Configuring the logic control inputs accordingly

  1. Enable and assign a name to a desired logic control input as follows:
  • 'EN54-16: Alarm Manual Silence'
  1. Select a '*.wav' file:
  • 'Standard: 001.wav'
  1. Optional: Press a button on the target station. Standard: 1 <no button>
  1. Mandatory: Enter the target station ID.

Configuring the logic control outputs accordingly

  • The station ID corresponds to the station ID of the relevant logic control input 'EN 54-16: Alarm Manual Silence'.
  • Enable the logic control input with the following function:
  • 'System Variable(SysVarID)' with SysVarID=6(VASA)