EN 54-16 General Flags:

Set the EN54-16 specific settings for each station in the 'Peripherals and Logging' window.



'EN5416: Enabled'

  • Errors are detected within the requested time of 100 s.
  • Fault state: An error state is indicated until a manual reset and/or another manual operation at access level 2 or 3 is performed.
  • LED colors of the PT2001 'Desk call stat. (19 buttons)' keypad meet the specifications of EN 54-16.

'EN5416: Disabled'

  • LineDetection errors are not occurring within the requested time
  • PT2001 'Desk call stat. (19 buttons)' LEDs feature a special mode so they can be detected immediately.

'Remote Triggered'

This flag is disabled.

'Audible warning' (For PT2001 and PT2002 only)

Option meets the requirements of EN 54-16. Audible indication of the voice alarm condition.

A buzzer connected on an indication board is enabled for all digital audio matrices:

The internal speaker generates this audible warning for a PT2001 'Desk call stat. (19 buttons)'.

WARNING! The checkbox 'Acoustic signal' must be checked.

The connected buzzer or connected audible warning can be silenced as follows:

  • With the macro 'R' to silence via keypad
  • With a logic control input, specified as 'Test&Quit key'

'SignalLeds_on_VirtKeypad' (All stations except PT2001 and PT2002)

Off: No LED signalization on virtual keypads

On: LED signalization is activated on virtual keypads


Disable functionality to add/remove zones on own triggered calls

'ActiveLine_Signaling' (for PT2001 only)

Change the mode of PT2001 LED signalization

Off: The LED on a PT2001 zone button signals that the corresponding amplifier is used

On: The LED on a PT2001 zone button signals that a considered line of this zone button is activated by an alarm

'SkipLeds_on_Prior0Calls' (for PT2001 only)

Change the mode of PT2001 LED signalization

Off: No change on behaviour and no visible effect on PT2001

On: Call on stations with 'Station Priority=0' will not be signalized on PT2001 or virtual keypad


Off: Ignore affected 'ZONE SELECT' buttons (legacy mode)

On: On running local calls, signalization of occupied/busy zones on all affected 'ZONE SELECT' buttons