There are two methods to display the measurement results from the Line Detection.

  • Open the context menu (right-click on the station) of the digital audio matrix and select 'Functions' and then 'Line Detection Statistics'.
  • Open the 'Amplifiers and Speakerlines' configuration window and use the speaker line functions. See Speaker lines supervision setup area (B).

Saves a screenshot of the local machine. Pressing the <Ctrl> button and left-clicking opens the directory in Windows Explorer.

Enables a periodic request for statistics. Right-click to open a dialog for selecting various intervals.


Enabled to add an additional row displaying the most significant values.

Click on the symbol to toggle the display of values. The drop-down symbol displays the field for selecting different measurement types.

'Line Detection (All)':

Retrieve the last values of a measurement cycle for all speaker lines.

'Measure Impedance + Line Detection (Chx)':

Start an impedance measurement (200 Hz…20 kHz) at the selected speaker line.

'Search EOL3 + Line Detection (Chx)':

Start an EOL3 sweep on the selected speaker line.

Note: Search EOL3 does not work correct for speaker lines connected to a PV2003-A1 Power amplifier (4x150W).

'Recall Loop start-up phase + Line Detection (Chx)':

Displays the current [A] of a speaker line loop used by the loop start-up phase of the selected speaker line.

'Impedance measurement 1kHz + Line Detection (Chx)':

Start an impedance measurement (1 kHz) at the selected speaker line. This measurement must be performed to display the values in the detail speaker line table.

'FFT of current and voltage + Line Detection (Chx)':

Calculate a FFT of the current and voltage measurement with no load attached for the selected speaker line. Used for hardware analysis.

Switch between displaying the measurement results in text form and the graphical display area.

Link to other statistic windows. If it is enabled, all changes will affect other visible 'LineDetection' statistic windows.