Configure the 'Impedance Measurement' in the 'Amplifiers and Speakerlines' > 'Speakerlines' tab (see 6.7.5.)

  • EOL 'Supervision' > 'Short-circuit' below [Ohm] is the threshold for the short-circuit detection in EOL mode. If the resistance drops below this value, a short-circuit error is detected.
  • Dependent on the speaker line impedance, 100 ohms is a good start.
EOL3 Detection
  1. Activate the 'Enable' flag for each speaker line you want to monitor.
  1. Under 'Supervision' > 'Nominal Impedance', set the 'Value' and 'Tolerance' to a value of between 12…20.
  • 'Value' = 17 and 'Tolerance' = 10 provide a good starting point.
  • If optimization is required, increase the values.
  1. Set 'Type' to 'EOL3V1.0'.
  1. Enter the addresses of the EOL3 modules that are connected to the specified speaker line.
  • Enter the 'From'…'To' values under 'EOL ID Range' as shown in the example below.


Only the EOL3 with ID 9 is connected to the line.


Entering a second number that is different from the first defines a range so that a sweep is started on the line.