Typical use case:

  • A digital audio matrix receives an analog audio signal at analog audio input 1 ('IN1').
  • The zone selection is done via logic control inputs.
  • The digital audio matrix continues the feed for as long as the logic control input is active.

Configuration of the virtual keypad

  1. Select a digital audio matrix on the 'System Overview' tab.
  1. Select the menu 'Station' > 'Configure Virtual Keypad'.
  1. Select a button to configure as Zone Select. To do this, right-click > 'Audio Modes' > 'Zone Select'.
  1. Configure the 'Zone Select Table' to define where the feed will be played. To do this, double-click on the relevant button.
  1. Right-click > 'Flags' > 'USE_MACRO'.
  1. Right-click > 'Macro Definitions' and set 'T' for automatic 'Talk'.
  1. Name the zone.
'Macro Definitions' dialog
Virtual keypad

Configuration of the logic control inputs

  1. Configure the logic control input to 'Keypad ZONE SELECT' with the 'button ID' and 'station ID' of the desired button.
  1. Use the 'GP' flag for a button that is controlled based on the following states: pressed = 'High' / not pressed = 'Low'.
Configuration of the logic control inputs