1. Select the PC2003 in the station list and open the 'Amplifiers and Speakerlines' configuration window.
  1. Open the 'DSPSupervision' tab.
  1. Activate the flags 'Pilot tone' and 'Enable Line Detection'.
  1. Set the 'Pilot Gain' or all used amplifier to '-12 dB' (as a starting point).
  1. Set the Settings 'Value [V]' to 30 and the Settings 'Tolerance [V]' to 25 operating range 5 V to 55 V).
  1. Open the 'Speakerlines' tab.
  1. Enable the 'Active' checkbox for the start and end of the relevant speaker lines.
  1. Enter an 'Amp' number to route the speaker line to an amplifier, 1…4.
  1. Activate the 'Loop' checkbox to mark the speaker line as a loop.
  1. Activate the 'Enable' flag to enable the supervision of the speaker lines.
  1. Choose the Type 'Loop Isolator' for the loop start (odd speaker line number) and 'End of Loop' (even speaker line number).

A pilot tone lasting approx. 90 s sounds during the LOOP_STARTUP phase.


Example configuration for a system with two speaker line loops supplied by one amplifier (1):

Example software configuration

Use always an odd speaker line as the starting point of the loop and the next even speaker line as the end point of the loop.