• Connect the extension card 'Output extension relay (8)' PCO2001 via the RS232 jack or a plug-in terminal connector.
  • Only one extension card is supported per digital audio matrix.
  • RXa, TXa, and GNDa are all available, but RXb, TXb, and GNDb are reserved for future use.
  • The relay extension is only configured during the startup time.


  1. Open the 'Basic Station Configuration' menu.
  1. Enable the 'DigIOExt' flag in row 'Configured HW'.
  1. Enable the 'ExtUART' flag in row 'Station Features'.
  1. Open 'Peripherals and Logging'.
  1. Select protocol 'DigitalIO Extension'.
  1. Check that the UART baud rate setting = 19200.
  1. Restart the digital audio matrix, the PCO2001-A1 is configured only at start-up.
  • The digital audio matrix contains 8 additional entries in the 'Logic Output Configuration' menu.

Checking the relay extension communication

  1. Open the 'Peripherals and Logging' page.
  1. Check that 'RxCount' and 'TxCount' are not zero.
  1. If 'RXCount' = 0' is displayed, check whether the RX and TX connections have been wired incorrectly.