Use this procedure to adjust the brightness or the ID of the PT2006.

Opening the configuration menu for the remote control panel

  • Switch the PT2006 on while the 'PACE-Bus' (RS485) connection is disabled.
  • Or press and hold the top left and bottom right key at the same time. The panel will reboot.
  • The current 'device ID' of the PT2006 is displayed.
  1. Press CFG to access the configuration menu.
  1. Change the ID and adjust the brightness if necessary.
'Configuration' mask



Top left / right

Device ID/brightness -/+

Top center

Navigate to the next menu item

Bottom left


Bottom right

Save configuration

Panel ID – This is a unique ID on the 'PACE-Bus', valid in a range of 2 to 17.


Change the behaviour of the PT2006