• Digital audio matrix
  • 4x program amplifiers, e.g. 4x 'Power amplifier (1x250W)' PV2007 or 1x 'Power amplifier (4x150W)' PV2003
  • 1x backup amplifiers, e.g. 1x 'Power amplifier (1x250W)' PV2007
  • Single-channel local backup
4x program amplifiers, 1x backup amplifier, single-channel local backup

It is possible to connect up to four program amplifiers by using a 'Backup extension PC2003' (PCA2014) add-on card. This card is controlled via two logic control outputs and routes the analog audio signal to the backup amplifier in case of a fault. This structure only works 'autonomously' and the concept does not allow multiple 'Digital audio matrix (4/4/16)' PC2003 to be cascaded.

'Amplifier channels':

1 channel

'Enable Backup In':


'Use Backup Mux':

'Group SID Range':