You will find information on how to unlock the system in chapter 'Unlocking a protected System'.

Add a new 'factory-protected' station to an existing protected system

  1. Log into the factory-protected 'Siemens_Factory' system or 'Siemens_Factory_2023’ and into the system that you want to incorporate.
  1. Open the 'Basic Station Configuration' page of the station you want to integrate into a new system.
Basic Station Configuration
  1. Click the pencil icon to enable the 'System Name' field.
  1. Select a system to incorporate.
  1. Follow the guidance in the messages displayed.
'Leave the Protected System' dialog
'Join the Protected System' dialog
  • The factory-protected station is added as a member of the new group.
  1. Repeat the process for each additional station that you wish to integrate.
  1. Verify and correct the system participants manually by selecting 'Extras' > 'System Protection'.