1. Open the 'Unlock AVD System' dialog and select the system you want to unlock.
  1. Click on the green question mark.
  • A dialog opens for entering the relevant user data.
Unlocking the system
'User data' dialog


Table of Contents


Computer and user information


The name of the company you are working


Your name


Optional reason for better understanding your request

Select PW

Your desired password.

  • The password is hashed and not visible to any other user.
  • This password will be needed later together with the returned system key.
  1. Select 'Create Request'.
  • A new file is created.
  • '<computer name>.<user name> '<system name>'.KeyRequest' located in '<Programme>\PACE-Net\Systems\default\Key Requests'
  1. Please get in touch with your Siemens contact or call the Customer Support Center on phone number +49 89 9221-8000 for instructions on what to do next.
  • You will receive a '*.SystemKey' file.

The '*.SystemKey' file allows you to temporarily log in as a user with the same rights as the 'SYSTEM' account and to edit all permissions.

'Load System Key' button
  1. Open the '*.SystemKey' file by selecting 'Extras' > 'System Protection' > 'Load System Key…'.
  • A password dialog appears in the 'Protection' window.
  1. Enter the password.
  • You now have temporary access to the entire ACL. The '*SystemKey' file is only valid for a limited period of time.
  1. Change the password for the 'SYSTEM' account and – where applicable – for any other accounts as well.