A dialog displays all installed backgrounds. Select a background image, a color scheme, and a scale.


If needed, the user is able to use own background images. The supported file types are '.png', '.bmp', and '.jpg'.

To increase the performance, enable the following checkboxes:

  • 'Limit workspace to bg'
  • 'Force 16‑bit color depth'

Making settings on the 'Backgrounds' page

  1. Click on the icon to open the background selector dialog
  1. Choose a preinstalled background from the dialog list or
  1. Click on to choose an external background image, which will be registered in 'PACE-Design'
  1. Use the 'Scale To' parameter to scale the image to the resolution level required.
  • For low-end computers, you can change the bit depth of the image to increase performance.
  • The 'Memory required' field indicates how much storage space is occupied by the image.
  1. Select an option from the list according to your requirements:



Is a bright background

If the image does not fit the computer resolution, you can choose the color of the boundary frame. This toggles between a dark and brighter canvas.

Limit workspace to background

Stations can only be placed inside the background image

Tile background to fit objects space

Repeats the background image and displays it as tiles.

Keep aspect ratio

Do not change the aspect ratio

Use transparent color

The color in the bottom left-hand corner is not displayed, causing a transparent effect.

Offset TOP, LEFT

Set the image offset from the upper left corner of the workspace canvas (not yet fully supported)