This function stores/restores the current graphical user interface displayed in the drawing area of the 'System Overview' menu. All visual settings of all stations are stored in a single layout file. This functionality is not intended to share the layouts between different 'PACE-Design' installations. For this, use the 'Load Layout from Snapshot' feature.

'Save/Load Layout'

  1. Click on the icon to save the graphical user interface layout to the hard disk of the local computer
  1. Enter a name for the layout used
  • Layouts are saved in your 'PACE-Design' folder. The standard 'PACE-Design' folder is 'C:\Programme (x86)\Siemens\PACE-Net\Settings\<MY_USER_NAME>\Layouts'.
  • The file format is '.lay'.
  1. Click on the icon to restore a graphical user interface layout from the hard disk
  1. Choose a layout name from the dialog provided
  1. Click 'OK' to confirm your action