• Use the 'Time Provider' function if the 'PACE-Net' system’s real time is not provided by an external real-time clock.
  • One or more 'PACE-Design' instances can be configured to provide the real time for all stations.

The following variants are possible:

  • No 'PACE-Design' instance provides the real time.
  • This machine provides the real time.
    • A dynamic hint shows more information.
  • This machine is enabled to provide the real time, but another 'PACE-Design' instance is currently providing it.
    • A dynamic hint shows the offset to myself and other information.
  • Another 'PACE-Design' instance provides the real time.
    • This machine is not enabled to provide the real time.


The current time is distributed over the network with a Stratum, similar to the NTP protocol. The lower the Stratum, the higher the time precision. Note that laptops have a higher stratum than workstations. Windows stations with dynamic station ID have a higher stratum compared to stations with static station ID.

The following table shows the calculation of the stratum for a machine (potential time provider). The base stratum is 4.


Stratum incremented by


Software is running on a laptop


A laptop is assumed to be less reliable than a workstation.

Manually triggered time provider


Can only be triggered via secret hotkey

Software is a special version


Test version or a pre-release

No further information about NTP


Currently always true