The 'Cyclic Interval [ms]:' value determines how often vital state values and control data are distributed over the 'PACE-Net'.

The default value is 100 ms. Lower values reduce the response time of operations. In the case of large systems, the default value can be increased to approx. 300 ms in order to reduce the base network load.

It is only possible to edit stations with saved configuration changes.

In example 2 below, two stations have unsaved changes and so cannot be edited. All updated values are listed in the dialog.

Change Cyclic Intervals

  1. Filter by systems or collections, as required.
  1. Click on the icon to select the stations.
  1. Confirm the selection with 'OK'.
  • Similar dialog fields to those shown in the examples below will appear.
  1. Change the values and confirm with 'OK'.
Changing cyclic intervals: Example 1
Changing cyclic intervals: Example 2