In several use cases, it is necessary to restore an exact copy of a station. A typical case would be to replace a defect hardware unit.

The 'Clone station' command discards the actual station configuration and replaces it with a version from a snapshot.

Data restored from snapshot

The following data of the Basic Station Configuration is explicitly restored from a snapshot:

  • Station ID and Station Priority
  • All station features
  • VLAN ID and VLAN Priority
  • SMM Priority
  • Extern UART protocol and UART speed

Data not restored from snapshot

The following data is excluded and therefore not restored from a snapshot:

  • Most of the fields on the 'Basic Station Configuration' page within the 'Identification & Operation' area, including 'SerialNo', 'Configured Hardware', 'OEM ID', 'OEM Flags', 'Static Group Membership'
  • All audio system settings from the 'System' menu
  • StationInfo History including changes and User Memo

Restore a snapshot and change the station ID will not work with 'PACE-Design' > V1.3.3. After changing the station ID the station will perform a factory reset and lose all configuration. Please use 'User Settings' to copy configurations to different stations. See 'User settings'.

You will find more information on snapshots in chapter 'Create Project Snapshot'.

Using the 'Clone Station' feature

  1. Select the Station to be cloned to
  1. Click on the 'Clone Station' icon to open the 'Select snapshot' dialog.
  1. Choose a snapshot, containing the station you want to clone
  1. Click on the icon to load other snapshot collections or other single snapshots
  1. If necessary, change the file selection from 'snapshots.ssi' to snapshot 'dynamic.dta'.
  1. Select the file named after the station.
  • The filename consists of the MAC Address, the Station ID and the Name of the station. For example: '0E-03-00 #0102 (Matrix_GroundFloor).img'.
  • If a file with the correct station ID is found, this file will be selected.
  • The configuration is copied to the station, and after a reboot, the process is finished.

A snapshot has to be treated as confidential data.

'Select snapshot' dialog

A dialog similar to this one will be displayed if you select a snapshot located on the local computer.