The 'Controller Firmware Update' button triggers the corresponding process, which is similar to the one for updating the DSP firmware.

This function is only enabled for 'PACE-Net' stations into which a controller is integrated, e.g.:

  • PC2001 'Digital audio matrix (4/4/4)'
  • PC2002 'Digital audio matrix (0/4/4)'
  • PT2001 'Desk call station (19 buttons)'
  • PT2002 'Fire brigade call station (AT)'
  1. Select a Station in the System Overview Tab
  1. Click on the icon or click on 'Station' > 'Controller Firmware update' to start the controller firmware update wizard.
  1. If the old firmware version is displayed after the update, disconnect the station from the +24 V supply for 10 s.

If you want to update the firmware, press <Ctrl> + click on the icon and select a .hex file. All stations which match the selected bus station type are updated.