User Settings are useful if you want to configure several stations in a similar way.

User settings can be used as a configuration template for a specific station type because the user settings are managed separately for each station type.

Another feature is the ability to apply a User setting to multiple stations.

Configuration data copied by “User settings”

"User Settings” copies the configuration (all data of all configuration pages) to the station.

It does not affect the:

  • Basic Station Configuration (see chapter 6.1) or the
  • Audio System Settings (see chapter 10.4.5)

Note: These settings must be changed manually.

  1. Click on the icon to create a new user setting from the currently selected station. See ‘Create New’.
  1. Click on the icon to select a stored user setting.
  • The submenu is a representation of the hierarchical order in the user settings base folder.
  1. Select a setting to assign it to the current station.
  • 'Apply to…' opens a dialog where you can assign settings to several stations using numerous search criteria.
User settings submenu

For additional information to use the search window, see 'Search'.


Change always first the station ID and then store the user settings. After changing the station ID, the station will perform a factory reset and lose all configuration. See Reset Station to the Factory Settings.


User settings has to be treated as confidential data.