To open the 'Regular Modes' drop-down menu, right click on the button and move the mouse over 'Regular Modes'. The drop-down menu pops up.

'Regular Modes' drop-down menu

'Push Button'

The selected logic control input is configured as a push button that will activate the assigned function for as long as the button remains pressed. Make use of this function in combination with macros or logic control outputs, to create a user defined behaviour of the call station. As long as the button remains pressed the green LED is active.

'Switch L>H'

Only usable with macros for special settings. The corresponding function is activated each time the button is pressed. This makes it possible to implement a toggle function for the assigned function. As long as the assigned function is active, the green LED is active.

'Switch H>L'

No special usage. The corresponding function is not controlled.

'Second button' (for alarm calls)

This is a safety feature to prevent a call station alarm being triggered unintentionally. Buttons which are configured with the 'SECOND_REQUIRED' flag can only be triggered if the 'Second Button' is pressed at the same time.

'Disable Keypad' button

Usable to lock the whole keypad. All other keys except this one are disabled

User could activate the lock by press this button. The corresponding LED signals the actual state (RED = button lock activated). A repeated press deactivates the keypad lock.

'Mode Switch'

Switch to toggle between Normal Mode and Elevated Mode. Elevated Mode could be used to process alternative macros.

'Macro Mode'

This mode can be used to process macros, see chapter 'Using keypad macros'.

Macros could be used to trigger events by pressing or releasing a configured button on the keypad.

Macro Mode