Call station configuration

'Common Configuration' box

Set the 'Common Configuration' according to 'Common Configuration'.

‘Used KeyBlocks’

A keyblock is a block of 8 keys on the virtual call station. A station is able to handle 120 keys, giving a maximum of 15 blocks. Each ‘PACE-BUS’ call station will use at least a single keyblock, or up to four with call station extensions.

Set this value to the number of keypad’s (most likely the number of call stations) connected to the ‘PACE-BUS’.

‘Use whole Keypad for zone sel’

Use the whole keypad for zone selection instead of used keypad blocks (single call station on ‘PACE-BUS’+ API for extended zone selection)

'Use the built-in loudspeaker'

Activate the built-in loudspeaker on the call station.

Note that the audio signal is hard-wired to an analog audio output of the connected digital audio matrix.

‘Monitor the bus microphone’

Enable this option to verify function of the microphone via monitoring the ambient level (see threshold setting below).

Note: Monitoring is only possible with one connected microphone PT2003 or PT2009. It will not work correct if more than one microphone is connected to the same analog audio input.

‘MicError Threshold’

Used threshold to detect microphone failures if "Monitor the bus microphone" is activated.

'Device Configuration' box

Configure the selected 'PACE-Bus' component in this box.

'Device N, ID= '

In the drop-down menu, select the PT2009 to configure.

'Device Name'

Free text for system overview. Insert a 'Device Name', name of the connected component.

'Callstation Priority'

If multiple call stations are connected to the same PACE-BUS, it is possible to configure up to four different priorities: 'Low', 'Medium', 'High', and 'Evac'.

'Key 1-8'

Specifies which key block is used by the main keypad, which has eight buttons.

'Key 9-16'

Specifies which buttons are addressed by the first keypad extension, for an integrated keypad extension in the call station.

'Key 17-24'

As 'Key 9-16', but for the second keypad extension.

'Key 25-32'

As 'Key 9-16', but for the third keypad extension.