Configuring the PT2006 remote control panel

Select a PT2006 in the drop-down menu 'Device X, ID' = 'in the Device Configuration' box to display this window.

  1. Configure the required 'Preset 1' to 'Preset 4'.
  1. Assign the configured 'Preset' to one or more PT2006 by selecting the configured preset 'Selected configuration' in the 'Device Configuration' box.

Allowed views

Select the content the remote panel is displaying. The best use & feel is achievable with the setting “Vol and Ch +/-” Single Output View. This setting will display a volume slider and a program selector.

Single Output View

Even if multiple audio outputs are controlled at the same time, the display will only show the value of a single output. To see the status of another output, it is mandatory to push a button on the remote panel and switch to the next output.

These screens are visible to the user on the PT2006. Choose between different functions.

Volume +/- single output view

Only a volume slider is visible on the display.

Channel +/- single output view

Only a program selector is visible on the display.

Volume and Channel +/- single output view

A volume slider and program selector are visible on the display.

Middle Button

Mute/unmute Channel

This function can be used to mute the output.

Toggle Output

Reserved for future functions.

Station ID

This station will be addressed by the commands. Currently only the local station ID is supported.

Audio Outputs

These analog audio outputs will be used for the remote control. If at least two outputs are selected, you can enable the 'Cycle through outputs' option.

Cycle through outputs

Per default all enabled outputs will be controlled in parallel. If the 'Cycle through outputs' is enabled, the user is only able to control a single output from the “Outputs” configured. The only view which supports this mode is the 'Vol and Ch +/-' interface.

Allowed Network Channels

If the user switches through the audio channels (push CH+/- buttons), this list will be taken to choose which program is next to play. Only active feeding channels can be chosen.

To modify this list, use the buttons 'Add all Channels', 'Delete selected', and 'Delete all'. Only channel numbers in the range of 1 to 127 are allowed.