'Confirm Program Channel change'


Only applies to PT2006 'Remote control panel'.

  • Checked: the user can choose a new audio feed and confirm the program change.
  • Disabled: the audio feed will be switched as soon as a user clicks on a button.

'Backlight Off after'


Only applies to PT2006 'Remote control panel'.

Disables the backlight of the panel after several seconds. With a value of '0', the backlight is never switched off.

'User KeyBlocks'

(PT2003, PT2009)

Determines the number of keypad blocks reserved for the 'PACE-Bus' call stations. A keyblock consists of eight keys on a virtual call station. Set this value to the number of keypads connected to the 'PACE-Bus' (at least one, no more than four). The number includes all connected 'PACE-Bus' call station plus their extensions.

'Use whole Keypad for zone sel'

(PT2003, PT2009)

The whole keypad is used for zone selection (single call station on 'PACE-Bus' + API for extended zone selection).

'Austrian F3033 Behaviour'


Only applies to PT2003 'Fire brigade call station (485, AT)':

  • Checked: behaviour according to Austrian F3033 Standard. By taking the microphone from its holder an automated 'All Call' is activated and all active channels are silenced.
  • Disabled: there is no action when the microphone is taken from its holder. If the <Push-To-Talk> button (PTT) is pressed an 'All Call' is activated and all active channels are silenced.

'Use the built-in loudspeaker'

(PT2003, PT2009)

Activate the built-in loudspeaker on the call station. Note that the audio signal is hard-wired to an analog audio output of the connected digital audio matrix.

'Monitor the bus microphone'

(PT2003, PT2009)

If this option is enabled, the microphone of the 'PACE-Bus' call station is monitored. If there is a signal fault or short-circuit, an error is issued.

Note: Monitoring is only possible with one connected microphone PT2003 or PT2009. It will not work correct if more than one microphone is connected to the same analog audio input.

'MicError Threshold'

Defines a threshold value for the signal from the microphone of the 'PACE-Bus' call station. An error is issued below this value (requires 'Monitor the bus microphone' to be enabled).

'Virtual Callstation Priority'

Future function. Leave value on 'Low'.