The real-time behavior of the filter is displayed by opening the context menu (right-click) and activating the 'Show real filter behavior' entry.

'Filter Type'

You can select up to four different equalizers per analog audio output in the 'Filter Type' drop-down menu. Every filter is configured separately. The envelope of all active filters is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

The following filter types are available for selection:

Filter types for selection

High and low pass filters, parametric filters (peak), and shelving filters are available for each of the four equalizers. Third and fourth order filters are only available for the first two filter bands.


Depending on the selected filter type, the gain (amplification) has a valid range between -15…+15 dB.


The center frequency of the filter is adjustable from 20 Hz…20 kHz.

In peak mode the center frequency is adjusted, while in all other modes, the cut off frequency at -3 dB is configured.


The quality factor of the filter (peak) is adjustable from 0.05 (wide) to 100 (narrow).


Could be used to bypass the given filter without modifications of the settings.