All relevant signal processing settings for the specified analog audio outputs are made in the 'Audio Output Processing' area.

The mixer panel contains the settings for the equalizer, the output delays, and the compressor/limiter settings for each analog audio output.

Analog Audio Output Processing

Accurate filters

increases the used precision of the digital filters, to avoid audio artefacts in special cases of filter settings. This needs more processing time if activated and causes an increased audio processing load. Not necessary until there are disturbing audible artefacts.

Invert Polarity

Could be used to invert the polarity of the analog audio output signal.


If you change the system sampling rate (via the audio system settings), already configured filters must be adapted.

Additional features and views can be selected via the context menu, opened by a right-click in the filter display window.

Context menu

With this context menu you can copy & paste filters and name the given output.

The display options enable you to extend the current view.

'Output Volume'

The analog audio output level is controlled by this configuration box. This is the last gain adjustment in the signal path. Do not change this setting. It influences also the pilot tone signal and therefore, the speaker line supervision too.