'System Name' (1)

'System Name' is the designation of the project or system being configured.

You can change the 'System Name':

  • If the icon is shown grayed out, you have no write permissions. Check whether your current account has the correct rights to edit this page.
  • Click the icon to open a drop-down menu showing all known system names.
  • Click the icon again to create a new system, where you can enter any text.

'Station Name' (1)

You can select this name as you choose, but 'Station Name' should correspond to a station name as shown in a single-line diagram.

'Location' (1)

Optional, customer-specific text to identify a station.

'additional text' (1)

Optional text to store additional information of a station.

'Grouping data' (2)

Reserved for future use.

To change a system name, click 'Extras' > 'System Protection' > 'Protection of Name' > 'Change the system name'.