What is the IP-address and the used communication protocol?

There is no IP configuration requested to cooperate with a 'PACE-Net' system. 'PACE-Net' stations and 'PACE-Design' communicate on the data link layer. 'PACE-Net' stations are discovered by their unique MAC address and the station ID.

Where can I get the latest software?

You can get the latest software from your Siemens contact.

What is WinPcap?

WinPcap is a low level network driver, which allows fast access to the network interface card. 'PACE-Design' uses this API to communicate with the participants in the 'PACE-Net'.

Note: WinPcap is obsolete and should not be used anymore because of cyber security issues.

What is Npcap?

Npcap is a low level network driver, which allows fast access to the network interface card. 'PACE-Design' uses this API to communicate with the participants in the 'PACE-Net'.

Note: Npcap is a descendant of WinPcap. This is the preferred network driver.

How can I deactivate popups and system messages?

You will find detailed information in chapter Command line parameters. 'Quiet Run' can be toggled anytime by pressing <Alt> +<Q>.

Is it possible to run 'PACE-Design' as a service?

No. It is not possible to run the software as a service. Chapter Other parameters describes how 'PACE-Design' can be started automatically when your system is started.

Do I need a switch to connect to a station ('Auto MDI-X' feature)?

No. If the network interface in your computer can support the 'Auto MDI‑X' feature, you do not need an additional switch to connect to an individual 'PACE-Net' station. Straight-through cables and Ethernet crossover cables can be used for 'Auto-MDI X'.

I can't see all network stations.

The system may be protected. Go to menu 'Extras' > 'System Protection' and log in to the system. Then start a System Scan.

Sometimes I receive 'Duplicate StationID' errors – what are these?

Besides the MAC address, the StationID must be unique in the whole network. In contrast to hardware stations, the PCs running with 'PACE-Design' provide an auto-assigning mechanism. If, for instance, two network trunks were connected together or one PC doesn´t “see” other PCs temporarily for any reason, this error can occur.

How do I set a static StationID for my working PC?

Open the 'Basic Station Configuration' page and edit the 'Station ID' field. Note that this procedure only works for the PC the user is working on. The field is given per user.

How can I document my project?

The 'Printer' button in the 'System Tree' area can be used to plot the whole configuration for single or multiple stations.

How can I change the System Name of a Protected System?

Select the system via the main menu 'Extras' > 'System Protection' and click onto the arrow on the right side. Then click on 'Change the System Name'.

I always get 'Members mismatch' for my protected system.

Each member station of a protected system knows the number of members in that system. Click on 'Extras' > 'System Protection'. The first menu entries show errors of protected systems. Click on the system you want to correct. If the problem persists, then you may have an instable network or the number of members has really changed, e.g., with mobile components.

Consider enabling the option 'Disable checking number of members' 'SYSTEM account'.

I can't see some or all my stations of my protected system.

Stations are filtered at a low level if there is a security issue, e.g., if stations in a specific system have different security entries.

Log in as 'SYSTEM' and check that all stations are present. Run the check again if necessary and correct the security issue via 'Extras' > 'System Protection'.

I can't open a specific configuration window due to the 'Aborted (no RAM Settings available to edit)' warning.

Nearly all configuration data is organized in specialized 1 kb data blocks, which were read from the hardware station during a System Scan. The number of these requested data blocks depends on the station type at also its configuration. If, for some reason, some of these blocks can't be read (e.g., due to an unstable network), the configuration window can't be opened.

In such a case, try a “Initiate System Scan” to get the missing configuration blocks. See also LIMITED_FUNCTIONALITY flag of Station ErrorState.

Station function 'Get SD-Card Directory' does not return all files

The number of files on the cards exceeds 32 (DSP issue). Use the command 'Show Dir' in the 'microSD Card' configuration window to get all files.