The 'PACE-Net API' tab can be used to enable access on an external API interface. This TCP/IP interface enables external applications to generate graphical user interfaces, which can control the sound level and/or the program channel of analog audio outputs.

'PACE-Net API' tab

Server host and port configuration

To edit the API server configuration, uncheck the 'Enable API Server' checkbox. The host is the corresponding local computer. The user cannot select the host.

When the configuration is complete, start the API server by rechecking the 'Enable API Server' checkbox.

If the 'Enable API Server' checkbox is checked, the server will start automatically when the 'PACE-Design' starts.

The default local Port of the server is 18518. Use the 'Resolve Names' checkbox to resolve the clients' names from their IP addresses.

If the network configuration is buggy, the server may be blocked during name resolution. In this case, uncheck the 'Resolve Names' checkbox.


This box contains some common statistics of the API Clients connected.




Number of received API commands


Number of answers processed


Number of answers with CompletionStatusCode<>API_Success Corresponds to the sum of all ToSend.Warnings in the Client Connection table.


For later use


Sum of periodic messages of all clients


Number of protocol errors. This includes, for example, an invalid header, incorrect header checksums, or reserved header byte<>0.


Counter for problematic API usage, where the API server could not continue with processing.


Current transfer speed for receiving and sending. Only available if 'Tree values' is set to 'Last Second'.


Client Connection Table

All active and closed API connections are listed in this box. Detailed connection information for each client is listed in the table.




Number of pending buffers for decoding/pending answer buffers


Maximum number of pending buffers


Size of the largest buffer for decoding/pending answers so far

'Packets and Bytes'

Sum of all packets and bytes received and sent


Length of the command buffer does not match the expected size


Number of answers with CompletionStatusCode<>API_Success


Number of buffers rejected due to a closed connection, or the server was unable to fill the ToSend queue


SMS/DHS Configuration

This section is used to integrate the 'PACE-Net' system into a superior management service.