A fast and easy way to configure multiple stations is to use the 'System Tree' tab. You can also open individual configuration options for the station in question by right-clicking on the station.

System Tree Cerberus PACE Modular

Available stations are listed, categorized by the station type and configuration options. If you choose a configuration option, the corresponding mask is displayed in the configuration area.

System Tree Cerberus PACE Compact

Configuration Header and Configuration Area

The Configuration Header in the upper area displays general information about the current configuration page.

  • To print the configuration, use the 'Printer' button in the configuration header. See Print configurations.
  • To transfer the changes made from the station's RAM to the station's flash, click the '> Flash' button on the toolbar.

Configuration pages are displayed in the configuration area for every station selected.

The system name of the station is displayed to the left of the station icon. The color of the text indicates the current protection status:

This system is not protected

The system is protected, but the current user is not logged in

The system is protected, and the current user is logged in (any account)


Navigation symbols



Navigate to first/previous/next/last station.

Navigate to next/previous configuration page.

Navigate to next/previous 'PACE-Net' station.

Show all configuration pages for the selected element.

Hide all configuration pages for the selected element.