This configuration manual describes the functionality of the 'PACE-Design' software Version 1.3.7.

'PACE-Design' can be used to configure Cerberus PACE and Cerberus PACE Compact systems in real-time over the 'PACE-Net' Ethernet network.

'PACE-Net' runs on layer 2 in the OSI model and 'PACE-Net' components are identified by their MAC address and station ID.

Cerberus PACE or Cerberus PACE Compact is a network-based public address and voice alarm (PA/VA) system that complies with the requirements of EN 54‑16 and allows for a decentralized and redundant system structure. It is an important feature of the system that the critical risks of single point of failure vulnerabilities are eliminated.

A typical Cerberus PACE system is comprised of digital audio matrices, amplifiers, operating terminals, and call stations. Ethernet switches are used to link these components to a network via copper or fiber-optic cables.

A typical Cerberus PACE Compact system is comprised of Cerberus PACE Compact voice alarm panels, operating terminals and call stations. The voice alarm panels contain a digital audio matrix board and power amplifiers. They can be extended with system operating and call station equipment.

An EN 54‑4-certified power supply guarantees uninterrupted operation and high system availability.