You will find information on approvals, CE marking, and the relevant EU directives for this device (these devices) in the following document(s); see 'Applicable documents' chapter:

  • Document A6V10271323

Device characteristics

Detector diagnosis

With FXS2061 SWING Tool or connected fire control panel


Type of alarm activation

Type A (direct activation)





Sending/receiving aerials

Dual band aerial


Frequency range

433.05…434.79 MHz in band 44b ¹

868…870 MHz in band 48, 49, 50, 54, and 56b ¹


Channel grid

50 kHz


Number of channels

27 in 868 MHz band

20 in 433 MHz band


Transmitting power

≤10 mW ERP in band 44b and 49 ¹

Type 10 (max. ≤25) mW ERP in band 48, 50, 54, and 56b ¹



See document A6V10227631



COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING DECISION (EU) 2022/180 of 8 February 2022 amending Decision 2006/771/EC updating harmonised technical conditions in the area of radio spectrum use for short-range devices (notified under document C(2022) 644)





Lithium battery pack

BAT3.6-10 LI-SOCl2 battery pack 3.6 V, 10 Ah


Battery service life

Dependent upon ambient conditions

At least 3 years


Service life 'Battery low'

>3 months


Battery voltage monitored




0.093 kg




Detector line

Radio connection to detector line via radio gateway



Radio connection to PC via MCL-USB adapter



System compatibility

See 'List of compatibility'

Ambient conditions

Place of installation

Inside buildings/indoors


Operating temperature

-10…+55 °C


Storage temperature

-30…+75 °C


Air humidity

≤95 % rel.


Protection categories (IEC 60529):



Electromagnetic compatibility:

  • 10 kHz…100 kHz
  • 100 kHz…2.5 GHz


160 V/m

30 V/m




Mechanical data


0.216 kg


Housing material

Red => Polycarbonate (PC)

Black => Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)


Housing color

~RAL 3000 flame red





European standards

  • EN 54-11
  • EN 54-25
  • EN 300220-2
  • EN 301489-3
  • EN 60950-1