Zone addressing in LTE Mode (in conjunction with Synco) - Basic Documentation - RDF600KN - RDF600KN/S - RDF600KN/VB

Semi-flush mount room thermostats with KNX communications RDF301, RDF301.50, RDF301.50H, RDF600KN, RDF600KN/VB, RDF600KN/S

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In cases where RDF KNX room thermostats are used in LTE Mode (e.g. in conjunction with Synco), zone addresses need to be allocated.
The following zone address must be defined together with the Synco devices at the planning stage depending on the application.

Short description

Factory setting


Geographical zone (apartment)

--- (out of service)

Geographical zone (room)


Heat distr zone heating coil 1 P84
Refr distr zone cooling coil 1 P85


"Subzone" of "Geographical zone" is fix 1 (not adjustable).

The device will send and receive LTE communication signals only if the zone address is valid (not OSV = out of service).

The zones to be defined are as follows:

Geographical zone
(space zone)

(Apartment . Room . Subzone)
Apartment = ---, 1...126
Room = ---, 1...63
Subzone = fix 1

Zone in which an RDF KNX thermostat is physically located. Other room-specific devices may also be located in this zone.

Information exchanged in this zone is related specifically to the device like operating mode, setpoints, room temperature, etc.

The designations "Apartment", "Room" and "Subzone" do not need to be taken literally. For example, Apartment can be used to refer to a group of rooms, floor or section of a building. "Room", however, really does refer to a room.
Subzone is not used for HVAC devices. It is more relevant to other disciplines, such as lighting. Subzone is fix at "1" and not visible.

The time switch information is expected from the same zone where the thermostat is located (Residential).
If no time switch information is received from the same zone, the thermostat will use the information received from the same apartment but with room "1" A.1.1 (Office).

Commercial building

In a commercial building, the time switch information is sent by the RMB795 central control unit. The zones are divided in so called "Room groups" (e.g. 1...4), where each "Room group" can have an individual schedule. A room thermostat in the same "Room group" needs to have the same Apartment Address.


D = device address (P81)

G = geographical zone (P82, P83) (Apartment.Room.Subzone)

Heat distribution zone heating coil

Zone = ---, 1...31

Information related specifically to the hot water system in heating coils is exchanged within this zone. The zone also includes a Synco device to process the information (e.g. RMH7xx or RMU7xx with changeover).

Refrigeration distribution zone cooling coil

Zone = ---, 1...31

Information related specifically to the chilled water system is exchanged within this zone (e.g. cooling demand). This zone also includes a Synco device to process the information (e.g. RMU7xx).

Outside temperature zone

Zone = fixed to 31

RDF301...: SW < V3.7: fixed to 1

Outside temperature received in outside temperature zone 31 will be / can be displayed on the room thermostat when commissioned accordingly (parameter P07 = 2).