Integration via KNX bus - Basic Documentation - RDF600KN - RDF600KN/S - RDF600KN/VB

Semi-flush mount room thermostats with KNX communications RDF301, RDF301.50, RDF301.50H, RDF600KN, RDF600KN/VB, RDF600KN/S

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Thermostats (temperature controller with sensor)
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The RDF room thermostats can be integrated as follows:

  • Integration into Synco 700 system via LTE Mode (easy engineering).

  • Integration into Synco living via group addressing (ETS).

  • Integration into Desigo and Apogee via group addressing (ETS) or
    individual addressing.

  • Integration into third-party systems via group addressing (ETS).

The following KNX functions are available:

  • Central time program and setpoints, e.g. when using the RMB795 central control unit.

  • Outside temperature or time of day via bus displayed on thermostat.

  • Remote operation and monitoring, e.g. using the RMZ792 bus operator unit.

  • Remote operation and monitoring with web browser using the OZW772 web server.

  • Maximum energy efficiency due to exchange of relevant energy information, e.g. with Synco 700 controllers (e.g. heating demand, cooling demand).

  • RDF301.50 and RDF600KN/S only: 4 buttons to control KNX actuators via KNX S-Mode
    ("switching groups" with functions such as switching, dimming, blinds control, 8‑bit scene).

  • RDF301.50H only: 4 buttons for Hotel applications to control via KNX S-Mode.
    Same functions as RDF301.50, but with dedicated button labels for hotel applications: Make Up Room, Do Not Disturb.

  • Alarming, e.g. external fault contact, condensation, clean filter, etc.

  • Monitoring input for temperature sensor or switch.

Engineering and commissioning can be done using…

  • local DIP switches / HMI

  • Synco ACS service tool

  • ETS

Synco 700

The RDF room thermostats are especially tailored for integration into the Synco 700 system and operate together in LTE Mode. This extends the field of use of Synco for individual room control in conjunction with fan coil units, VAV, chilled ceilings and radiators.

Synco living

Thanks to S-Mode extension to the QAX9x3 central apartment unit, communicating room thermostats can be easily integrated into Synco living systems. Using the S-Mode data points of the central apartment unit, additional room information can be exchanged with the room thermostat via KNX TP1 (RF function is not available on the room thermostats). To make the integration, the ETS engineering tool is required.

Synco topology


Synco 700 Building automation and control system (BACS)
Synco living Room automation and control system
RDG..., RDF… Room thermostats
OZW772 Web server
RMZ792 Bus operator unit
QAW... Room unit
ACS Service tool using OCI702 (OCI702 are delivered with a service cable which can be plugged into the service connector on a Synco controller)
RXB Room controllers
QAX Room unit for RXB room controllers

Desigo, Apogee and third-party systems

The RDF KNX devices can be integrated into the Siemens building auto­mation and control systems (BACS) Desigo / Apogee or into 3rd-party systems. For integration, either S-Mode (group addressing) or individual addressing can be used.