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Semi-flush mount room thermostats with KNX communications RDF301, RDF301.50, RDF301.50H, RDF600KN, RDF600KN/VB, RDF600KN/S

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Thermostats (temperature controller with sensor)
Building automation
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Fan coil units via ON/OFF or modulating control outputs:

  • 2-pipe system

  • 2-pipe system with electric heater

  • 4-pipe system

Chilled / heated ceilings (or radiators)* via ON/OFF or modulating control outputs:

  • Chilled / heated ceiling

  • Chilled / heated ceiling with electric heater

  • Chilled / heated ceiling and radiator / floor heating

* Not applicable for RDF301, RDF301.50

Compressors: Via ON/OFF control

  • 1-stage compressors in DX type equipment

  • 1-stage compressors in DX type equipment with electric heater

The room thermostats are delivered with a fixed set of applications.
The relevant application is selected and activated during commissioning using
one of the following tools:

  • Synco ACS

  • ETS

  • Local DIP switch and HMI


  • Operating modes: Comfort, Economy (Energy Saving) and Protection

  • ON/OFF or 3-position control outputs (relay)

  • Output for 3-speed or 1-speed fan

  • Automatic or manual heating / cooling changeover

  • Backlit display

  • AC 230 V operating voltage

Type of mounting / suitable conduit boxes

  • RDF600KN…
    for round CEE conduit box, with min 60 mm diameter,
    min 40 mm depth or recessed square CEE conduit box
    with 60.3 mm fixed centers

  • RDF301…
    for recessed square CEE conduit box
    with 60.3 mm fixed centers


  • Room temperature control via built-in temperature sensor or external room temperature / return air temperature sensor.

  • Changeover between heating and cooling mode (automatic via local sensor or bus, or manually).

  • Selection of applications via DIP switches or commissioning tool.

  • Select operating mode via operating mode button on the thermostat.

  • Temporary Comfort mode extension.

  • 1- or 3-speed fan control (automatically or manually).

  • Display of current room temperature or setpoint in °C and/or °F.

  • Minimum and maximum limitation of room temperature setpoint.

  • Button lock (automatically or manually).

  • 2 multifunctional inputs, freely selectable for:

- Sensor for automatic heating / cooling changeover

- External room temperature or return air temperature sensor

- Dew point sensor

- Electric heater enable

- Fault input

- Monitor input for temperature sensor or switch state


- Operating mode switchover contact … (keycard, window contact, etc.)


- Window contact

- Presence detector (Standard presence mode and Hotel presence )
See pages 15 & 18.

  • Advanced fan control function, e.g. fan kick, fan start, selectable fan operation (enable, disable or depending on heating or cooling mode).

  • "Purge" function together with 2-port valve in a 2-pipe changeover system.

  • Reminder to clean fan filters (adjust with P62).

  • Floor heating temperature limitation.

  • Reload factory settings for commissioning and control parameters.