The action of inserting the radio fire detector into the detector base activates it; the detector then logs on to other radio devices immediately. Therefore, start from the radio gateway and work outwards to install the individual radio fire detectors.

Mounting the radio fire detector


Battery pack BAT3.6-10 1


Battery cable


Inserting the battery pack


Battery connector





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The flashing behavior of the internal alarm indicator is described in the 'Internal alarm indicator' chapter.

  • The radio gateway has been activated and switched to maintenance mode.
  • You have the battery pack and the required accessories to hand.
  1. Install the accessories you require.
  1. Label the new battery pack (1) with the current date.
  1. Connect the battery connector (5) of the new battery pack.
  1. Insert the new battery pack (1), paying attention to the position of the battery cable (arrows at 4).
  1. Make sure that the holder (3) latches into place correctly.
  • When the battery connector is connected, the internal alarm indicator lights up red for 5 seconds.
  • After a further 10 seconds, the radio fire detector signals that it is not installed on the detector base and the internal alarm indicator flashes. If it flashes red, this indicates the factory settings. If it flashes green, this indicates that the radio fire detector has already been logged on to a radio gateway.
  • If this does not happen, this means the battery pack is defective and must not be used.
  1. Insert the radio fire detector into the detector base.
  • The internal alarm indicator flashes green and the radio fire detector is logged on to the radio gateway.
  • If the process of logging on to the radio gateway is successful, the internal alarm indicator stops flashing.
  • The radio fire detector is now installed and is ready for commissioning.