Syntax for PXC.A controllers



A command priority specifier. cmdPriority may be specified as @1 through @16, indicating BACnet priorities 1 (highest) through 16 (lowest).

If cmdPriority is not specified when writing a commandable object, the program's PPCL Program Priority value shall be used.



A specifier for the value to write to the set of object properties. srcValSpec may be passed in as:

- One of the strings in the object's state-text array

-  An object reference (for example, BAC_7_AO_11, KwMeter). The referenced object's present-value property will provide the source value.

STATE(targObjRef1, targObjRef2, ...targObjRef14)


A specifier for the target object(s) of the release operation. Multiple objects may be specified. The same priority slot will be written in each target object. A targObjRef may be passed as an object reference (for example, BAC_7_AO_11, KwMeter).


STATE() has been modified to support BACnet command prioritization and to support values passed as object references as well as state text strings.


  • State text arrays may be localized, meaning that PPCL programs may need to be language-specific if srcValSpec is passed as a text string.
  • Passing in srcValSpec as an object reference allows users to define reusable programs with local objects representing specific values. This eliminates concerns about localization and customized state texts. For example,
  • 10 LOCAL (Stop, Slow, Fast)
    20 Stop = 1
  • 30 Slow = 2
    40 Fast = 3

    The strings Stop, Slow, and Fast could then be used as source values.
  • srcValSpec is only resolved when the program starts executing. If the text array is modified or the values assigned to local objects representing specific values are changed, the program will not recognize the change until the automation station is restarted.
  • Database migration tools should automate the transformation of Apogee proprietary priorities to BACnet priorities.
  • In general, the program should limit itself to commanding at its specified priority as defined by the PPCL Program Priority property.
  • If the PXC.A automation station is unable to resolve one or more object references, whether the reference is specified in srcValSpec or one of the targObjRefs, the PPCL line will be marked unresolved.

Syntax for Legacy controllers


pt1 through pt15

Points that are commanded to a particular state.



Defines a specific point priority.


State text that can be found in the associated state text table.

pt1 through pt14

Points that are commanded to a particular state.



For PXC.A devices, this statement has been replaced with SET (Set point value).

Commands points using a state text value.

  • A maximum of 15 points can be changed with one STATE command.
  • A maximum of 14 points can be changed with one STATE(@pri,statetext,…) command.