lmonth1 through month8

Month of the designated holiday. (January = 1, June = 6, December = 12, etc.)

day1 through day8

Day of the month for the designated holiday. The first day of the month is entered as 1.


Defines the dates of holidays up to a year in advance.

A maximum of eight holidays can be specified with a single HOLIDA command. If more than eight holiday definitions are needed, multiple HOLIDA commands can be used.


630  HOLIDA(12,24,12,25,12,26,12,27)


  • The HOLIDA and TODMOD commands must precede any TOD or TODSET commands in order for
  • the program to operate correctly.
  • A HOLIDA or TODMOD command in a device will only affect TOD, TODSET and SSTO commands in that device.
  • When a holiday date occurs in a HOLIDA command, the mode number for that day in the TODMOD command is set to 16.
  • If holidays are defined using both the HOLIDA command and the TOD calendar, make sure that the holidays are defined as the same day in both places. Otherwise, the equipment commanded will operate in holiday mode on both the days defined in the PPCL HOLIDA statement and the days defined in the TOD calendar.

See also the TOD, TODMOD, and TODSET topics.