Three PPCL commands are defined in the automation station for SSTO. They must be specified in the following order:

  1. TODMOD – Defines the specific mode for each day of the week. This command is shared with the Time-Of-Day group of statements and is necessary for SSTO to work.
  2. SSTOCO – Establishes the thermal characteristics of the building based on how the building reacts to changes in temperature.
  3. SSTO – Calculates optimal start and stop times.

All optimization calculations and equipment control are performed in the automation station where the SSTO and SSTOCO commands are defined. Each program within an automation station may also perform SSTO calculations for up to 5 zones.

Be careful when designing your programs so that functions do not conflict.

If objects used for SSTO are also commanded by another application, such as Duty Cycling (DC), one program may interfere with the operation of the other if both functions are trying to control a object during the same time period.